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Food Services

Many of the food companies in our country carry out the processes (transport, warehousing, sales marketing, distribution, online and retail sale, purchasing, packaging, handling, stock management, continous supply, total quality management, customer services and after-sale services) by themselves.

Upon the increase of competition in the market, growth of production scales, expansion of consumption towards Anatolia and increasing activity of foreign food brands and consumption chains due to the effect of imported products has urged Lotus Global to include the service of food products in its current portfolio.

Lotus Global, carries out food classification, supply, handling and warehousing of the products and barcoding the products in the field of food logistics and carries out distribution process on behalf of its clients.

Our Main Activities

  • Food Logistics
  • Continous Supply Chain Processes
  • Warehousing
  • Products Bar Code Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Procedures
  • Sales-Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Wholesales
  • Online Sales
  • Retail Sales
  • Total Quality
  • Customer Services
  • After-Sales Services
  • R&D
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