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Export Customs Clearence Services: 

  • Determination of HS codes of export consignment by carrying out feasibility studies
  • Performing membership registry procedures at relevant exporter’s associations based on the type of goods
  • Preparation of invoice and packing lists
  • Performing the procedures for obtaining preliminary authorizations and special certificates (Sanitary or Phytosanitary Certificates, control certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture, ATR, EUR-1, certificate of origin) and to obtain approvals by consulates based on the countries in accordance with the procedures and principles under the import regime and export regulations (if any).
  • Following completion of all documents, preparation of the outward certificate of clearance
  • Applying for registration of export customs declarations from the office by EDI System
  • Obtaining customs acceptance, completing registration formalities and performing examinations of the goods in related customs offices
  • Completing customs formalities of loaded vehicles.
  • Delivering cargo documents of the goods to transportation company as per instructions of the company
  • Closing the customs declaration form after the goods pass through the customs and the customs confirmation is received by the relevant customs authority
  • Delivering the “exporter’s copy” of the closed customs declaration forms to the client as soon as possible
  • Outward Processing Regime aplications and TEV (Counter Vailing Duty)
  • Delivery of documents issued by thecustoms broker to the bank and/or to the consignee
  • Following temporary export transactions and their duration
  • Carrying out operations related to fuel and provision supplement
  • In order to provide the fastest service to our clients, a necessary technological infrastructure has been implemented. And now we direct access to get assosiation approvals (ITKIB- Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations-, IMMIB- Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association-) from our office by E-Birlik Project without sending any document to them.
  • Performing other formalities which are not mentioned above but which are required for completion of the export transactions

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