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Export Services

Our company Lotus Global is providing services as exporter by evaluating domestic and foreign demands and organizing production activities. Detailed research and costing projects are prepared and simultaneous services are provided to our clients until the final destination. Our central export personnel, our personnel in our foreign trade and customs offices and support departments (Courier Department, Legislation Department, Operation and Tracking Department, Incentive Tracking Department) provide flow of information in coordination and create the process more rapidly and efficiently.

All your export operations are carried out by your customer representative working for you from the beginning to the end through customer representation system in Central Export Department. All documents of exporting company regarding export are prepared by our department and "Export Information Form" to be filled in and sent by the exporting company to us will be enough in order to start the procedures

  • Export Applications
  • Procurement of documents and permissions required for export transaction
  • Consultancy on Export Operations
  • Law Regarding the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency

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