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Import Services

It is among our primary services to realize business projects in compliance with the law and legislation of the Republic of Turkey in respect of the import activities either on behalf of our clients or on behalf of ourselves. We provide our clients and consumers with maximum benefit from the source of product to its ultimate destination.

Additionally, we present required infrastructure to our foreign clients so that they can realize product import without any problem in the Turkish market. For that purpose, we create flow of information in coordination along with our import personnel, our personnel in our foreign trade and customs offices and support departments (Courier Department, Legislation Department, Operation and Tracking Department, Incentive Tracking Department) and create the process more rapidly and efficiently. Additionally, if you need to have deeper information regarding the legislation for customs or consult about any issue, our legislation department will always be ready to support you.

  • Import Applications
  • Direct and Indirect Taxes on Imports (Resource Utilization Support Fund, VAT, Special Consumption Tax ve Other Indirect Taxes and Funds, etc.)
  • Import Incentives and Exemptions
  • Import regime applications for free of charge shipments
  • Determination of Import Customs Taxes and VAT rates
  • Preparation of application files for licenses or permissions to be obtained from state institutions and organizations within the scope of Foreign Trade Practices and performing their applications accordingly.

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