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Foreign Investment Consultancy

Turkey is a country offering significant and wide opportunities for foreign investors and entrepreneurs with its its geographically strategic position, increasing population, qualified and dynamic labor-force, telecommunication , infrastructure in banking and finance sectors in 21st century.

  • Sectoral Studies: Detailed market and sector analyses are being prepared with sectoral fund of knowledge and experience in cooperation with solution partners.
  • Strategy Consultancy: Domestic and foreign companies being eager to make investments inTurkey are supported to determine the right strategy in terms of entering the market and participation is provided in establishing appropriate business partnerships. For that purpose, detailed system analyses, productivity analyses and company evaluations are prepared, activities for merger and purchase are supported.
  • Incorporation: Foreign investors being eager to establish a company in Turkey are provided with consultancy services regarding incorporation and investment incentives, and they are supported with respect to legal and bureaucratic procedures.
  • HR Support: Support is provided in cooperation with our solution partners regarding human resources planning and obtaining work permits for foreign personnel thanks to our wide experience.
  • Advertising Activities: Support is provided for development of marketing and communication strategies of the customers through extremely extensive business projects.
  • Real Estate Investments: Research and consultancy services are offered to the entities/organizations which wish to make investments in real estate in particularly Istanbul and thereabouts.

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